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Incorporating Feng Shui into your Home Remodel

Feng Shui is the philosophy of how to create harmonious environments based on promoting the flow of good energy or “chi”. The delicate balance is created through appropriate placement of objects within your living environment. Feng Shui teaches that your home is a direct reflection of the individual; an extension of the body and the importance of where and how you place things will affect balance, harmony, health and your overall well-being. Read more

Simple Green Remodeling Projects You Should Consider

A Guide to Eco Friendly Home Design

Sustainable design. Energy efficient. Green building. Three popular terms in today’s eco friendly building world that all mean essentially the same thing – to optimize the efficiency of a building’s usage of water, energy and material resources to reduce the negative impacts on the environment and human health. Green building used to be an emerging trend, but today, builders and homeowners are more educated and aware of the importance of integrating eco friendly home design elements when planning a remodel or buying a new home. Not sure where to start; you’re not alone. This guide will help educate you on some of the core elements of green remodeling. Read more