functional kitchen design

Tips for Creating a Functional Kitchen Design

Do you ever find yourself wishing your kitchen had a better layout? Are you longing for a spacious island where your family can hang out while you are cooking? Maybe you simply need to create zones to allow for two people to work in the kitchen at the same time. We completely understand the frustrations that come from having an unfunctional kitchen design and believe that the functionality of a space is just as important as its beauty. When we begin a kitchen remodel with a new client there are five important areas we discuss to gain a general understanding of their needs from a functional standpoint. If a kitchen remodel is in your future, you too may want to consider these items and share your answers with your designer. Read more

What is the kitchen triangle?

What is the kitchen triangle?

The kitchen triangle is made up of three main work areas.

Your stove, refrigerator, and sink are what you use most in your kitchen, so it stands to reason that the ideal positioning between these three points can improve the function and flow of your kitchen. The kitchen triangle is created when you arrange these main work areas in a triangular shape to enable efficient and easy movement. Even though this concept was introduced in the 1940’s, it is still essential in remodeling a well-functioning kitchen. Read more